Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Empress and Emperor Steps

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You may think that the Empress and the Emperor are a couple too. However, they are NOT a couple. The Empress is the mother figure and predicts fertility, while the Emperor is the father figure and represents authority.

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The Empress will foretell Athena's lesson and give advice on her love troubles. Most important she will give her a magic love key that will open her potential to love.
Athena's lesson meant to learn from her situation is that love does not solve problems, makes problems. What can she use from her experience to grow and improve?

Athena's lesson was to learn that police and the legal system do not always apply by the law. Just being right is not enough to win in Court. Corruption and religious believes are above doing the right thing. Justice surrounds around who you know, and being Jewish connected is how you get win your case when you are guilty ( hack someone's computer and break a young mother's arm when she tries to file a complaint).
Honest admission to assume NOT GUILTY is getting nowhere and blaming her accusers will get her charged with felony from misdemeanour. Going to Court again is not going to get her any justice, if anything will give her plaintiff another chance for revenge.

Empress advice is to negotiate her situation. There is no love connection with September, the man who seduced and abandoned her with no remorse. Even worse, this man made all her love letters public and accused her of harassment, when he was the one who pursued her and never stopped flirting.
How does she go from here?

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