Monday, May 24, 2010

The Magician - High Priestess Couple

The Magician and the High Priestess are the Couple of the Major Arcana. They each represent the Querent, the Magician for males and the HP for females. Therefore, the HP will represent Athena, and the Magician will signify her significant other, the Dragonfly. In the scenario that is no significant other there will only be a Magician, if the Querent is a male or a High Priestess if the Querent is female. In this case the other card, not representing the Querent, will show a situation rather than a person.

The High Priestess sits in between 2 something, indicating a love triangle or a choice between two suitors. Despite the "other" options Athena remains strongly attached to her Magician. HP's corresponding Planet is Moon, the element is Water, the time is Summer and the key are her feelings/ love and emotions. The Moon as well as the Water indicate strong emotions.

The HP tells us that either her feelings or her lover are hidden. The Magician will need tricks to discover her. The Magician and the HP are perfect for each other, even though his Planet is Mercury, his element is air, and the time is Fall. The Magician functions at key mental level, he has creative potential and abilities. He represents the thoughts, the ideas, the mind, to the communication. It is all about his will to take an initiative, to take action.

The Magician is also the 6th chakra/ the third eye, aka Ajna = command center.
The location of this chakra is Brow, and indicates intuition ans insight. This helps him connect with HP that shares the same attributes. When this chakra is unbalanced- there will be problems with his intuition, clarity and vision. In short he will lack the ability to see into the future. By contrary, when his chakra is balanced he can see his aura and can connect with his spirit guide. The Magician needs to look into his past to see the future. The 6th chakra tells the Magician to be creative in finding ways to connect with HP, to search for new opportunities and ideas.

The lemniscate symbol above his head signifies that their love is eternal.

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