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Minor Arcana and Astrological Correlations

I am back after one year absence. I had to decide if I wanted to continue writing on the same blog or create a new one. I decided in the favour of the existing blog, at the moment.
In the past this blog has been a mixed of personal issues and Tarot/ Astrology. I no longer want to combine the two. Starting fresh I want to continue writing mainly on Tarot/ Astrology topics. That being said, today I will focus on the Minor Arcana, which has never been addressed before in this blog.
There are 56 minor arcana cards- out of which 4 of each suit are Court Cards (Maiden or Page, Knight, Lady or Queen and Lord or King). The court cards do not have astrological associations, and the same goes for the aces of each suit (wands or candlesticks, swords or quills, cups or teacups, and pentacles or coins).
That leaves us with 56-(4*4 + 4)= 36 CARDS with astrological associations.

There are 10 planets and 12 astrological signs that represent the Major Arcana as follows:
(just to review)

0. Fool= AIR= Uranus
1. Magician= Mercury
2. High Priestess= Moon
3. Empress= Venus/ Spring
10. Wheel of Fortune= Jupiter
12. Hanged Man= Neptune
16. Tower= Mars
19. Sun= Sun/ Summer
20. Judgment= Pluto/ Fire
21. World= Saturn

4. Emperor= Aries (April) also = 3 of wands (in Minor Arcana)
5. Hierophant= Taurus (May)
6. Lovers= Gemini (June)= 3 of swords (in Minor Arcana)
7. Chariot= Cancer (July)
8. Strengh= Leo (August)
9. Hermit= Virgo (September)= 8 of Coins (in Minor Arcana)
11. Justice- Libra (October)
13. Death- Scorpio (November)= 6 of Cups (in Minor Arcana)
14. Temperance- Sagittarius (December)
15. Devil - Capricorn (January)= 4 of Coins (in Minor Arcana)
17. Star- Aquarius (February)
18. Moon- Pisces (March)

Now out of the 36 Minor Arcana 5 of them I outlined above: 3 of wands (Sun in Aries)
3 of swords (Sun in Gemini), 8 of coins (Sun in Virgo), 6 of cups (Sun in Scorpio) and
4 of coins (Sun in Capricorn).

That can be memorized as 1-1-2-2-3
1-aries first fire sign
1-gemini first air sign
2-virgo second earth sign
2-scorpio second water sign
3-capricorn third earth sign

The left 31 cards are spread among only 6 planets Not all 10. The 3 planets left out
are: Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. Please note Sun is NOT left out, but was already covered above.

Each of the 6 planets left will occur as follows:

(2 times in air signs)
9 of Wands= Moon in Sagittarius - fire
2 of Swords= Moon in Libra - air
7 of Swords= Moon in Aquarius - air
6 of Coins- Moon in Taurus- earth
4 of Cups- Moon in Cancer- water

( 2times in air signs)

6 of Wands - Jupiter in Leo - fire
4 of Swords- Jupiter in Libra -air
8 of Swords- Jupiter in Gemini- air
2 of Coins- Jupiter in Capricorn- earth
9 of Cups- Jupiter in Pisces- water

(2 times in water signs)
4 of Wands- Venus in Aries- fire
5 of Swords- Venus in Aquarius- air
9 of Coins- Venus in Virgo- earth
2 of Cups- Venus in Cancer- water
7 of Cups- Venus in Scorpio- water

(2 times in water signs
& 2 times in fire signs)
2 of wands- Mars in Aries -fire
7 of wands- Mars in Leo- fire
9 of swords- Mars in Gemini- air
3 of Coins- Mars in Capricorn- earth
5 of Cups - Mars in Scorpio- water
10 of Cups- Mars in Pisces- water

(2 times in Earth signs)
8 of Wands- Mercury in Sagittarius- fire
6 of Swords- Mercury in Aquarius- air
5 of Coins- Mercury in Taurus- earth
10 of Coins- Mercury in Virgo- earth
3 of Cups- Mercury in Cancer- water

Sun- outlined in the beginning also
and has the Plante 2 twice in Earth signs;

(2 times in fire signs)

5 of Wands - Saturn in Leo- fire
10 of Wands- Saturn in Sagittarius- fire
3 of Swords- Saturn in Libra- air
7 of Coins- Saturn in Taurus- earth
8 of Cups- Saturn in Pisces- water

Ok, this is a lot of information and it will take some time to memorize.
I myself, use some cheat sheets for reference.
In my next post I will go over the meanings of these astrological representations.

For now I am happy that I am back and please post any questions or suggestions you may have.

Dragonfly, I hope you are reading. If you are give me a sign.
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