Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Personal Branding for Your Tarot Business, Tarot Services

Today I am going to talk about personal branding for tarot business owners.

Here are some tips:
  • take a stand- do not be anonymous!
  • be remarkable
  • create/ build an image none can ignore
  • starting point in personal branding is look at who you admire/ your favorite stars
  • DO NOT SHARE YOUR GOAL, because you will feel like you already completed it, and therefore reduce your chances of accomplishment
  • mingle with people that are connected with your dream/ goal
  • do not underestimate yourself: if you have something of value does not have to be free
  • be authentic: be sincere regardless of what others think about that
  • update your style: the way you dress is equally important with your CV and how you present yourself in social media
  • remember is a marathon not a sprint- big professional changes take time, be patient.
  • following your intentions and desires leads to synchronicities that will help you attract what you are looking for
  • once you set your intentions you must tune your antennae to the opportunities that turn up.

There is a step by step plan to help you create your dream tarot business:

  • Step 1: let go of learned behavior, or thinking you learned from your parents
  • Step 2: do a belief audit- immerse into biographies of those that made it against all odds
  • Step 3: put in passion- it must be the thing that you would do even if you were not paid for; follow your passion for exploring manifestation; make the principles and practices of manifestation part of your everyday life
  • Step 4: get out there, hand out with positive people who share your interests, spend time with people who feel good about their work.
  • Step 5: give something back- you must have a current job while you pursue your career dream.
  • Step 6: think like a brand:
          - make a plan for your tarot business project
          - discover what market sector is not covered
          - become as specialized as possible
          - give people reasons to look for you
          - define your brand
  • Step 7: be the best in your field
          - you need a blog/ site to present what you offer
          - pick an easy name like "love of tarot"
          - verify if the domain is taken
          - get a chic design for your blog
          - get a motto for your brand like " your opportunities are in the cards"
          - introduce key words
  •   Step 8: be the center of attention on social network
         - get Twitter/ FB/Pinterest/ Instagram accounts, link the accounts
         - Twitter account should be connected with the Linkedin account to be found
         -  use Pinterest to connect with your brand, get pictures of readings, post as often as you like
         - Instagram: use chic picture; build a community around your blog, post 3 times per day
         - offer a personal message and use # tags, do
         - give likes to FB companies you are interested in
  •      Step 9: Be virtual famous
         - selective networking: only pick organizations and events you are really interested in.
         - to be known you need to make friends with people that do the same thing you do and are
           already famous; flatter them and they might promote you
         - comment on their blogs and put a link to your blog/ site
         - after you know the person for awhile  ask if you can write on their blog from time to time and give an idea for an article
         - ask for an interview the famous bloggers to put it on your site, they will post a link from their site to yours and you will get promotion.
         - write about tarotist you admire

Final piece of advice, set your intentions allowing for abundance into your life, high energy and motivation, joyful work and creativity. Look into your heart and connect with your Higher Self so that best outcome manifests. Get a clear quartz, cleanse it under running water, and sit with it occasionally to get guidance on work and money.

Please take a look at the services I provide (My Tarot Services), if you require more help with your brand. Also there is a  monthly Contest you can read about on "My Tarot Services" page.

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