Your Tarot Options with Me

Becoming tarot proficient, reading for yourself or getting tarot ideas for your business has never been easier.  Have you wonder why it is so hard to connect with  the tarot cards whether you do it for yourself or for your business?

I want to let you in on a secret: it is NOT
or at least it doesn't have to be.
Hi! I am Biancat Tarot - a tarot blogger, teacher and reader.
If you are a Queen of Pentacles or King of Pentacles, an intelligent tarot enthusiast or a Page of Pentacles, a curious student in tarot who wants to start journaling and consult the cards to reach decisions in love, money or to get a better direction in life, but do not know how to connect with the cards you will be happy that you found this blog.
Through my list of services (see below) I 'll show you how you can better understand the Tarot Cards or provide more ideas for your tarot business (if you have a tarot start-up).

Ready to get started?
send me an email and I will be happy to further discuss your options.

My List of Services:

  1. Tarot Class (1 X 1 - Tarot in 6 Lessons- 6 weeks coursework) - 
  2. Personal Branding for Your Business - PDF paper-
  3. Tarot Parties- Organizational Ideas for Your Tarot Party- PDF doc-
  4. Tarot Journal Creation PDF doc-
  5. Marketing Ideas for Your Spiritual Business- Custom tailored for your business-
  6. Answering Tarot Questions ( Love, Business, Career, Etc)- 
  7. Tarot Decks Review - Do you have any tarot decks you want me to test/ try out?

There is a monthly drawing from those of you that will work with me.

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