Friday, May 21, 2010

Athena's Situation

Athena is ready for a new beginning. She will let herself go and experiment whatever will happen as long as she will enjoy it. Things are still chaotic and if she misses she will have to start all over again.
Athena is spontaneous and she knows solutions will come by change. Her curiosity will come in handy this time. In order to succeed at this step she needs to identify with the Fool's attributes as a person: open-mindedness, innocence, eagerness to learn and naivety.
She will find "old" friends and make "new" ones in a book social network such goodreads, except her name there is Lydia or something. That is because she wants to re-connect with someone from her past . They met in 1800s England, he moved on into 1930s, but she is into 1980s now. She has identified with Nicky Wells and wants to know more about Cleeland Donovan.
Just like the Fool from Major Arcana Tarot Athena is a traveller. The thought of changing her career into something more creative and more independent than her jobs in the past became her short term plan. Getting into freelance becomes her strategy. The lack of direction, trauma and difficulties are something that belong to her past now.
A one card reading a day will do for a spiritual connection with someone close to her. The card of today is : The King of Coins. This means that someone from her past is thinking of her. He is well educated, honest and logical. He could be a good adviser for Athena.

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