Saturday, August 5, 2023

50th Birthday Aniversary

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 Hi Everyone,

Happy Bithday to me! Tomorrow is my 50th birthday aniversary. Yes, half a century of living on this planet, it does feel like a great accomplishment. I would like to give few words of wisdom to my faithful blog readers and to everyone else happening to stop by. 

#1 not being married nor in a relationship feels great, grace to my parents, my best friend and my ex husband who make my life easy to live. 

#2 solo parenting of teeanage son is proved to be a challenge and still something I need to get better at 

#3 don't need a lot of money to feel happy

#4 looking back I would have done a lot of things completely differently- my biggest regretts are dating the wrong people and making poor choices in love. I have few or no regretts regarding financial choices. 

#5 I have a deja vue feeling that I will marry again and have a new baby. Don't know how and when, I just know that I will. 

#6 Just let my enemies know, that I am not dead yet and I will be back to get things straight. When I am not sentimental, not lead by emotions I can keep a cool head and I can make the right decisions for myself. I am going to win this time. 

#7 Dragon Fly/ the Magician- the "ghostly, imgainary friend" I used for inspiration in writing many articles in this blog- will be back in my new articles.

#8 I am not psychic, and I use Tarot mostly for therapeutical purposes

Friday, July 28, 2023

Who I was is no longer who I am

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 Hi everyone,

I have noticed a lot of people went reading my blog posts from back in 2009- but who I was back then is no longer who I am right now. I am a different person now, not only 14 years older but a spiritually new born person. I used to be in love, hurt, vengeful and resentful towards the people who wronged me, but I learned to forget about all that. I am not ready to forgive them, but I am willing to forget about them. 

Next week I m starting my 2 weeks vacation and I m planning to turn this blog into a book. I have not decided what kind of book is going to be: just a tarot journal book, or a bio including some politcal thoughts  as well. This blog has helped me heal my past wounds and was used mostly as personal therapy in the process of healing from a big trauma. I am even considering writing up 2 versions of the book- one just commercial keeping things lighter- tarot focused and another more fact based/ biographical. 

So, please excuse my leave of absence for the next 3 weeks or so!

Love and light!

Friday, July 21, 2023

Books Recommendation

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 Hi everyone,

it has been some time I did not post in here... I just decided to take some time off from online. 

Meanwhile I have been deeply disappointed that both my online spiritual magazines from Apple Store have been cancelled. It has been really difficult couple of months since I was really dependent upon reading these magazines and now they are gone. I was buying them every month for the last 2 -3 years. Anyway I had to fill in the gap with other books about mindfulness, manifestation and astrology. 

I am currently reading... at very slow pace Manifest Dive Deeper by Roxie Nafousi. I already read her first book Manifest - 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life. It is easy to read and to understand, and can be broken down in small pieces to be read every night before bed, or whenever you have time to do so.

At the same time I m also reading the positive motivational book You Can Heal your Life by Louise Hay. She had a wonderful long life and her books is full of positive affirmations and encourages positive thinking in order to change our lives. Change your thoughts in order to change your life. This book comes as a recommendation from another book I m reading slow pace - Ask and it is given: learning to manifest your desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks. 

Personally the hardest part in the manifestation process is to focus on the things I want, since it seems I am not sure what I really want. Sometimes I wish for some things, and other time for other things... It becomes impossible to realize something I don t even know what I want. ...That is why I decided to read more books before I actually sit down and actually organize my thoughts and clear my mind to focus on my goals. I even aquire a manifestation journal - The Manifestation Journal- Achieve Your  Potential  and Create teh Reality You Desire by Gill Thackray

Lastly I bought a book by Joanna Watters- mainly because I knew about the author. She was often advertising in the now gone Apple Store magazines- Soul and Spirit  and Spirit and Destiny. She is a former London based astrologer and tarot reader that moved in 1995 in Lefkada- Greece and she runs Tarot and Astrology Summer School classes from her house over there.

The latest book I read and I totally recommed is Be Your Own Astrologer- Unlock the Secrets of the SIgns and Planets. It is a great book, that made me discover new aspects on my chart- even after I thought I had it all figured out. It helped me find out my true career purpose .

Ok, without giving too much info on these books, in order not to spoil your reading, happy reading everyone!

Friday, April 21, 2023

Bridget Jones Tarot Journal- NO MORE

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 Hi everyone! 

Sorry I have been missing for some time now, but I have been sick, again and again and also were the holidays/ Easter/ Ramadan. 

Today is End of Ramadan- finally I will get my friend back! Happy Day indeed. Also Easter is over and now life can go back to usual. 

For the last months this blog became more of a Bridget Jones tarot journal than a tarot blog. I am not sure this is the way I want to go. 

I am 50 this Summer and I am looking for ways to turn my life around. I am looking for better rewarding jobs and tried to find ways to give my life a makeover. I am sure is still possible, I was not yet determined to make the necessary changes yet. I have a demanding job and afterwork I find little energy to do anything else. 

However, starting today with the New Moon in Aries engery that just happened yesterday I am ready for Change. This New Moon is all about excitment/ second chances and restarts- according to Yasmin Boland. 

I am reading Roxie Nafousi manifestation books, yes I bought both of them. I just need it a boost in my confidence that I have what it takes to start a NEW, BETTER, MORE MEANINGFUL LIFE.

In the past months I was not able to manifest any of  the items on my list, but then I got Roxie Nafousi's book and she said that if we are not sure what we really want to manifest/ it is easier to start manifesting a feeling. I can go with that, she is right it easier to manifest a feeling of contentment or happiness than to put exact items on my list, such as winning the lottery. 

Then she wrote about self-love, and how we need to forgive ourselves. I keep having difficulties not blaming myself for my life in the past and she has helped me understand I need to love myself enough to fogive myself for all the things that went wrong in the past. I was stuck on the idea of getting a second chance in the States and the impossibility of that brought me pain. However, now I learned that I should look for second chance somewhere else, and this is still achievable. 

The idea is now with the help from the Moon, it is a great time to start something new, for all of us. 

Happy manifesting everyone!

New Moon Best Wishes!

Friday, March 17, 2023

St Patricks Day Update

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 Hi everyone,

I am back... with some news, for those following my blog I know you might wanted to hear my latest news. Did I go out for St Patricks day? Did I rent the Airbn for the night out in town? or Did I decide to stay in and be responsible? Did I break up with my younger friend?

Well read up, all the answers are right here.

I got sick, yeah, unfortunately I got otitis in my right ear, and yes I am staying in... Thanks goodness I have not book anything in advance and my indecision made me save some money I would have spend on accommodation I could not use. 

As far as my friend I made a budget for the rest of  the month  from now until  April/ salary day and I realized that I have made so many promises to so many people( my mom- to  cement the alley around the house/ paint the fence& the shed / my son- gaming money and pocket money and my friend- rent) that if I am to keep my word there is NO discretionary funds left for me at all. This is what happens when you try to keep everybody happy. I am left out with no money for the month. So, yes I decided this is the LAST month I am going to help out my younger friend. After this month he will need to either get a job or leave the country.... Tough decision for both of us, since I am so emotionally involved with him, but I simply can no longer afford him. 

This month for us, will be a month of prayer for each of us, him Ramadan and myself Easter. He is fasting, and asked me to join him, but I have my own religion, even though I do not practice it. I am thinking to at least fast now until Easter on Wendsdays and Fridays- when we are normaly not supposed to eat any meat, or dairy products. 

On the 21 st we have a NEW Moon in Aries- it is the beginning of the astrological year and a great time to set our intentions for the year! 

Ok everybody these were my news now and I will be back with tarot articles/ lessons!

Blessed be!
Happy St Patrick's Day!