Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to love correctly: lovers vs. devil card

Today I am going to write about how to love correctly (attracting lovers card and rejecting the devil card) in order to avoid attracting negative karma.

There is a difference between love and attachment, and what I did most of my life (with few exceptions) is form attachments with lovers which led to the creation of negative karma for myself.
In tarot terms love will be represented by the lovers card while the attachment by the devil card.

There is a saying: "if you really love someone, let them go"- and this should be the rule on how to perceive love.

All my relationships started the same way with a strong sexual attraction for someone, which I immediately translated into I must be in love. Apparently I was confusing attachment/ sexual attraction with love. However, rushing into a sexual relationship hoping that will turn to love for my partner also only left me hurt and disappointed.
It seems that I always have been attached to appearance. It also said that if you love someone you will give them space to be themselves and do not always try to be with them, which of course I have never done. What I was always forming were claustrophobic attachments.

A huge mistake I used to do in love is I used to project my fantasy onto the person I loved. It was almost impossible to move beyond the illusions I created about that person. This inclination towards idealizing my partner it is also accentuated by my placement of the 7th house of love of partnerships in Pisces, with Neptune as the planet ruler of the house.

Also, another sign that you are forming an attachment vs. love is when you expect someone to love you back. Major mistake because this way you are actually give them power over your own happiness. We should always be solely responsible for our own happiness.
When you love someone the correct way you want them to be happy regardless of them being with you.

Now I love with no attachment and it feels great.

If you are looking for a fun read on the lovers and the devil told through a personal experience you can read The Devil, the Lovers and Me: My life in tarot by Kimberlee Auerbach. here

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