Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wheel of Fortune- a Tarot Ball by Invitation Only

I know everyone is talking about the civil war and the cold war but I would like to have a ball, a Tarot Ball- only Major Arcana invited. Why don’t you organize a ball for me- dear “Magician”? We both know the date as is an important date that is coming pretty soon.

Everyone is invited, of course. I know who I am going to be at the Tarot Ball even though is someone totally unlike my personality and perhaps too conservative… that only because the High Priestess position is already taken!! Ok, I also know who South Florida is going to be at the Ball- the Justice reversed, that means the scales upside down, because they give justice to the “criminals” and harass the innocent. …

Oh, and I have a message for the USA- there is no vulnerability in their system, just “vulnerability” in their head/ the way they think.  They will be the FOOL at the Ball because have time to listen to all the gibberish stories.
I am so excited about the Tarot Ball… I just cannot wait for it to happen!!

Please make it happen!!! I know you can do it for me!

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  1. It did happen after all- my entire scenario was staged at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games this past Winter ( the upside city and even the clown). Someone in Russia must have been reading my blog or I had a vision? I am not sure which one is true. What do you think?


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