Sunday, May 8, 2016

Devil "unhappy" tarot card - Major Arcana Series

Dear tarot fans,

the next "unhappy" tarot card is the Devil, trump card 15 ruled by Capricorn. Before you go blaming anyone it is important that Devil manifests in all of us, the only difference is that in some of us has more power than in others. Some of you may be caring too much about money, status and material things others may need and use excessive power, look down on others and be too proud, or yet some others, like myself can let desire overcome their reason at times.
So, whoever thinks is free of Devil's influence is just lying to themselves.
In real life we see examples of devil behavior in what the US did in Irak and Syria- (stole trillions of dollars in gold, oil and artifacts, killed thousands of innocent people, destroyed historical sites and landmarks, as well as entire cities) or is illustrated in what Israel is doing to Palestinian people and what is left of their country (killing thousands of innocent people, using Palestinian children as shields on their tanks, arresting and killing Palestinian children, bombing their city, continuing their invasion by building illegal settlements, just to name a few)

Going back to Devil tarot card general meaning please find below the interpretations of this card by the most famous tarotists and my understanding of it:

The Devil


The Devil trump card deals with lies and fear resulting in feeling bad/ doubting yourself, having negative thoughts. It also deals with an inability to let go. By definition, devil means something against your interests/ welfare and generally against what is “right”. In other words the Devil tarot card indicates that you do something that is bad for you like: fixating on materialistic things (being ruled by power or money/ greed or pride), being lead into temptation/ excessive lust or desire (ex: bending rules to achieve your selfish purpose, sex without/ outside marriage).

Conflicts/ Challenges:

In love it can mean you are obsessing about a relationship where you are excessively dependent on your romantic partner, or it can mean a harmful relationship/ unhealthy attachments. In a challenges position it may indicate jealousy/ envy or hate (wilful desire to hurt someone) or it may even signal an addiction. In a sexual relation has to do with slavery and bondage. From an occult point of view it points to practice of black magic, and at magical level represents the horned god, Pan.  Healthwise it represents some sort of abuse (emotional, physical, etc) or venereal diseases.


As an advice: try to avoid indulging in bad habits, search the path towards spiritual enlightenment; resist the temptation to feel superior to other people or to be excessively moral to other people. You should be able to live your life freely and independently and should try to overcome self-imposed limitations.

Discussion about the picture above will follow.

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