Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tower Unhappy Tarot Card- Major Arcana Series

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today I will present another unhappy tarot card, the Tower. The good news is that it is the last unhappy card before the last unhappy card which is the Moon. The Tower is my shadow card because it is card number 16 and my birth card is 7 (Computation: birthday day (X) + birthday month(Y) + birthday year(Z)and then you add all numbers together (x+y+z = rrrr, r+r+r+r until you reach a maximum number of 22). For example if your birthday is June 20 1985 your birh card number is 06+20+1985= 2011, then you add 2+0+1+1=4 so, the Emperor is the birth card, and 13 ( 1+3= 4) is the Shadow card.
If there is more interest I will post more of birth cards on a separate post.
So, the Tower card is my shadow card, meaning I had time to experience on my own skin what this card is all about. I think one of the worst things about this card is that predicts events that cannot be prevented or avoided. For me it occurs every 7- 8 years, so it goes in cycles.

Please find below interpretations of Tower card as understood from a collection of views on this card by famous tarotists:

The Tower


The Tower is a card of shock without warning and extreme situations. It is one of the “unhappy cards” where sudden change is NOT desired nor expected. Think of “violent” change and sometimes arguments, even crisis; feelings/ emotions that have been repressed are now released with power. You may encounter very difficult/ traumatic situations such as: accidents, bankruptcy, losing your job, Earthquakes, imprisonment or involuntary detention, hospitalization. Romantically, the Tower card represents a “red hot affair”, falling in love passionately or a divorce. Healthwise the Tower indicates surgery/ operations, even chemotherapy and at magical level signifies “sex magic” or “psychic surgery” (surgery with bare hands and instant healing).


Some of the challenges you may face with this card are: misery, poverty, calamity, some sort of misfortune, loss. Also, different aspects of your life may be falling apart while you may be acting as if there are no problems. So it is hard for you to accept that things are not right. In other words, the Tower in conflict position indicates some kind of shock or disruption.


The Tower reversed foretells a lesser negative impact on the Querent, than in its upright position. In its positive aspect this card announces a good time to eliminate false beliefs, moving away/ changing or selling house, changing jobs or pursuing a new career. As a solution, the Tower signals that the trauma is over, that the worst has passed, and it indicates that you have learned your lesson.
In picture above the Tower card in 4 different decks as follows: #1 Tarot of Jane Austen, #2 Tarot of Celtic Faeries, #3 Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot and #4 Dark Grimoire Tarot.

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