Sunday, November 5, 2017

Tarot Book & News

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I decided that I am still going to do the 30 days business idea challenge and I will by writing a book that will be made of 12 article posts that I will post in here over a month period- 30 days.

The 12 blog posts may or may not be related to the same topic, but will be tied up in a pdf tarot book at the end of the month.  The blog posts will be as follows:

#1 What is Tarot? What I Use Tarot for?
#2 The Magician/ Dragonfly
#3 The Magician- High Priestess Relationship
#4 How To Become the Magician and Start Your Own Mini-Revolution
#5 The Easy Way to Learn the Tarot Court Cards - Part I
#6 The Easy Way to Learn the Tarot Court Cards- Part II
#7 Cool Tarot Project 1: How to Make Your Own Tarot Deck
#8 Cool Tarot Project 2: How to Create Your Own Tarot Journal
#9 My Life in Tarot Part 1: Studies & Boston time
#10 My Life in Tarot Part 2: Florida
#11 My Life in Tarot Part 3- Time in Europe
#12 My Life in Tarot Conclusion- Lessons I 've Learned

So stay tuned for the first 3 blog articles/ per week  starting on the week of November 6th, 2017.

Happy reading everyone,

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Staying true to my beliefs- Queen of Wands

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Hello everyone,

I know you all have been waiting for my 30 days challenge action plan, and after much thought here it is.
I decided that as much tempting and aspiring it is to turn myself into a Queen of Coins, I will stay true to who I am, and that is the Queen of Wands. I am not a money making machine and I have no charisma to tell you how to make loads and loads of money, but I can teach you how to work on projects you love. My love of tarot is genuine and I use tarot daily for personal use and enlightenment. I see life events and people I meet in terms of tarot cards. When I look at events and associate them with certain tarot cards, I get to see different perspectives of those events given by different interpretations of those cards.

Most people are probably best described by one tarot card, but may feel they belong to another. In my case, my personal life situation is currently best described by the Empress tarot card, however I do not feel an Empress I feel a Queen of Wands-  a mystic full of creative energy, an activist thriving on planning new projects based on things that captivate me.

There is a saying "do what you love and the profits will follow". I  personally do not think that necessarily holds true but what I can guarantee is that if you do what you love you will improve your life and lift your spirits.

My action plan for the next 30 days is to improve this blog and take it to the next level. I already changed the design on the blog and there will be new quality content on the blog.

Happy reading everyone and I 'll be back shortly.

Monday, August 28, 2017

"Break Free" 30 day challenge- Becoming a Queen of Pentacles

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I am currently employed as an internet consultant and market researcher, but like many others I always hoped one day to run my own business and become financially independent.

If you are interested in this topic to break free on your own and to make a living by running your own business without constraints, there are a couple of excellent books in the field. I am a fan of Barbara Winter's "Making a living without a job",  Chris Gullebeau's "$100 Startup", John Williams'    "Screwwork Break Free and Yaro Starak's "Blueprint".

These are excellent motivational books that will be easy to read and help you envision your own future without a boss.

I have been a Queen of Wands - in my 20 s and 30 s than I became an Empress when I was married and had my son, then I turned into a High Priestess after my divorce and then an Empress again and now I wish to became a Queen of Coins.

I am writing this blog article to make a commitment to take a 30 days challenge- to launch a business idea in 30 days- as proposed by John Williams.

My business idea it will be outlined in here twice a week with actual steps I take into becoming a Queen of Coins- a resourceful, financially self-sufficient person, not necessarily rich, but charitable toward others, a "practical manager"(- as defined by Anthony Lewis), a business woman and an excellent organizer. Much more, there will be inspirational and motivational articles for making a better, happier more fulfilling life for myself and others.
The Queen of Coins is sometimes interchangeable with the Empress as stated by John Mangiapane in "It's all in the Cards". That is an excellent point because that is  exactly where I am right now and is the point I am evolving from.

I encourage you all to take the 30 day business idea challenge and see if you can make a life change for yourself. More about this at for information videos.

Bless be,
writing back soon

Monday, May 8, 2017

New tarot solutions blog vs old blog

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the interruption in blog postings. You can find the explanation below in PS.

I used this time as reflection time, and I need to decide whether to keep this blog going or to start a new blog altogether. Your comments on this matter will be much appreciated.

I think it is easier to re-do this blog, and remove my political views on Florida elections and US foreign affairs. I was told that is better to have two blogs one for politics and one for tarot. However, I am not sure I want to share my political views with the world, since I have no political science background degree or knowledge. What I fear most is that without the personal stories and political views, my Tarot Solutions blog will become just "another tarot blog".  There are too many blogs like this, and I will not bring anything new.

I am also working in developing this blog into a book, therefore I am looking for an editor so if you want to get involved please get in touch. The book will most likely be self-published as soon as this end of this summer.

Sorry for the interruption in posting however I had some computer problems again, and my gmail account was also broken into, and there was even an attempt to forward my entire mail to a different email account, which was not even mine.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Deciphering Magician Messages

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I welcome you into the world of the Magician. We are the Magician so we have the knowledge and power of all 4 elements: Water- feelings, Air- thought & communication, Fire- action and Earth- manifestation.

I wanted to know what messages the Major Arcana reveals us about these elements, so I laid out the cards according to their element and ruling planet and please see below the image I got:

Please excuse the quality of the picture, but I will explain the cards by Maree Bento one by one.

First row: #1 Water ruled by Neputne- Hanged Man
                 #2 Fire ruled by Pluto- Judgment
                 #3 Air ruled by Uranus- Fool
                 #4 Earth ruled by Saturn- World

2nd row: #1 Pisces ruled by Neptune- Moon
               #2 Scorpio ruled by Pluto- Death
               #3 Aquarius ruled by Uranus- Star
               #4 Capricorn ruled by Saturn- Devil

The Magician gives us messages on the status of our current New World Order and what power each element can provide us.

The Water tells us that our feelings are imprisoned in the Hanged Man. We sacrifice ourselves as people, and our feelings as visionaries are limbo because the governments who rule this World are deceptive (the Moon) and impose illusions on ourselves (Jews are good and have to rule the World, Jews can extinct Palestinian people and none should criticize, the MiddleEast: Syria/ Libia/ Irak and Afghanistan needs to be destroyed, Muslims are terrorists, America does not conquer but brings "democracy" to the World).

The Fire is warning us that if we take collective action against the  New World Order we will immediately be judged (Judgment) and eliminated/ killed (Death).

The Earth is announcing that everything that is material, our planet even is under Devil control, so it is almost impossible to get control of anything material, (books)or everything we touch is under World Control Order. They have us under IDs, and complete control of what is being taught in schools, what information is given in all News, who is getting what job, everything.

Ok, so we see so far that 3 of the Magician elements are under the total control of the World Order.

But, here comes the AIR element, which is a surprise element (the Fool) which they do NOT control.
Uranus- also known as the "Awakener" planet is the planet of hope for those who aspire at a change in the World Order. It is the air our independent, creative thoughts and communication (especially through technology- Uranus rules technology) they cannot control. It AIR the energy that throws off the past to make space for the new, turns crisis into opportunity.
Air is the most intellectual and innovative of all elements and unconcerned with the material part of life, that is why is not under Devil control.
And the Star/ Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, to give us encouragement and to show us/ guide us the way. Also, it is Aquarius that holds prophetic insight and concerns with all things future, rather than the past.
So, lets use our Air energy to bring change in this World. And remember anything AIR, they cannot touch!

So Magician has revealed us a good deal of hidden knowledge, only open to those who want to open their minds to find the true meanings of life!

Monday, March 20, 2017

How to become the Magician in tarot?

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I have been missing Dragonfly lately and I wanted to feel his presence again. For those who do not know who Dragonfly is, lets just say he is the Magician in the tarot major arcana.

We are in the year of the Magician ( 2017= 2+0+1+7=10=1+0=1) so we should see his presence everywhere this year. But why am I saying he?

Traditionally the most a woman can aspire to become was the High Priestess - wisdom and secret knowledge. However, Mary K Greer describes the Magician as the card of "me, myself, and I". Moreover, in the Antiquarian Tarot by Maree Bento the Magician is a woman.

So, if the Magician is "me, myself and I",  the Magician can also be a woman and we are in the Year of the Magician, it means: I can be the Magician. When I say this I am referring to all the women who always longed for a Magician in their lives without realizing they can be one themselves.

Why I wanted to be the Magician? The Magician using his/ her mind and skills can achieve anything they want. It is common knowledge the Magician has all the tools on the table: the cup-Water, the wand- Fire, the sword- Air, and the pentacle- Earth , combined with his/ her mind - Spirit. The Magician has the power of all the elements and the knowledge to use them.

For example: The Magician uses:  Water- their feelings/, Air- to create and communicate ideas, Fire- to take action on a new project, Earth- that they put on paper.

The best way to reach out to the Magician is to become the Magician.

Dragonfly- sending you my love and we can meet in dreams and via Magician elements that I can now make use of.