Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Tarot for Pregnant Women and New Moms- the Empress

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Hi everyone,
but this post is especially for pregnant women and new moms. I have noticed that a lot of  articles have been written in a variety of topics especially in the topics of love and money but not many have been written about tarot and pregnancy. As a matter of fact in the entire tarot we have only one card depicting a preganant woman and that is of course the Empress.

When I was pregnant I spent a lot of hours with tarot for comfort and pampering and I often use it as tool to lessen my anxiety because of all my fears regarding giving birth, choosing the right birth method, choosing my baby' s best birthday and  most suitable name.

The Empress is a card about caring and mothering, planning a family.  When pregnant, women are restricted from a lot of things, especially drinking and smoking, partying and even doing excessive sports. Their whole life is full of questions such as how my baby will look like? will my baby be healthy? will the giving birth be painful or complicated? what name will be best for my child?

Tarot can help and offer valuable answers to all these questions.

My advice is.. do not take any risks while pregnant because the health of your baby is the most important thing.
The incredible thing is that the time you spend with yourself while preganant is the most valuable because it gives you the opportunity to reflect on important decisions you will need to take once the baby will be born.
Tarot can be the best tool for managing and planning your life if used correctly. In the upcoming posts I will be showing you how to reflect with the cards on important decisions regarding your new baby and how to use Tarot for "company" and "friend" for your time alone.

In the image above the Duck Soup's Trick or Tarot Empress card.

Monday, October 15, 2018

New Tarot Book Coming Soon- Page of Wands

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Hello dear tarot readers,

I must confess giving readings is not what excites me about tarot. In fact,giving readings feels more like a job rather than a passion. I also am conflicting about giving readings in the biblical sense, because the Bible teachings  warn against sorcery, so I decided to find a way around it that will give me piece of mind. I believe that reading the future for others, for a profit may be unethical from my point of view.
Therefore, I decided to teach tarot and write about tarot only.

I have noticed a lot of interest in the blog on the post about my writing a tarot book goal. Fortunate enough I am a point where I work 5 hours a day only and I have the rest of the day for myself and for my son s care. So GOOD NEWS: I can work on the tarot book I have been wanting to write for quite some time now.

I will post in this blog a few chapters of my work in progress for feedback.

For starters I will reveal only a few topics of my new coming book:

  • tarot history quick overview
  • goal tarot journal
  • self- tarot readings and spreads
  • how to design your own tarot deck
  • my life in tarot - a short biography
If you have any other topics you may be interested in please communicate those to me and I just might take them into consideration  if they appeal to me.
Page of wands - it is associated with a successful writing career- see Sasha Fenton Tarot

God Blessings, High Priestess

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine Matching of Tarot Court - Final Reveal

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Tara... !!

Now I finally present you which of the Court Cards are dating, attracted to each other or just envious of the other Tarot Court Cards.

Please note my findings are based and inspired by the Tom Little's and Mary K Greer's Understanding the Tarot Cards book.

The dating results are as follows:

#1. King of Coins, Colonel Brandon and Queen of Swords, Anne Elliot are in a relationship. Why not? Colonel Brandon is ready to come in and rescue any young lady in financial trouble, and Anne Elliot is a well accomplished lady in need of such assistance.  They are also close in age and I truly believe they make a nice couple.

#2 Queen of Wands, Elizabeth Bennett and the Knight of Wands, Mr Henry Tilney are flirting with each other, but the Knight of Wands (Mr Tilney) is also having an affair with the Page of Swords, Emma Woodhouse.
Lets just say that the Queen of Wands is Aries who is naturally attracted to the Knight of Wands, a Leo. Astrologically speaking those two are a good match. As far as the love affair of the Knight of Wands with the Page of Swords I will leave it for you to comment on this below.

#3 The King of Wands, Captain Wentworth is seeing the young and vulnerable Page of Cups, Marianne Dashwood, who is just starting dating.

#4 The King of Swords, Fitzwilliam Darcy and the Queen of Cups, Jane Bennett are attracted to each other. And this is true, because we already know from Pride & Prejudice story that Mr Darcy is considering Jane Bennett more attractive than Elizabeth Bennett at first, and the only reason he is not pursuing her is because his friend, Mr Bingly already showed an interest in her.

#5 The Knight of Cups, Mr. John Willoughby longs after the Queen of Cups, Jane Bennett but she has no interest in him. Mr Willoughby is an incurable charmer and he is especially pursing the sensitive cups lady, but she is mature enough to see through him, and beyond his shallow charms.

#6 Page of Wands, Lydia Bennett and the Knight of Coins, Mr Edward Ferrars are having a platonic relationship. Lydia Bennett is a born flirt but Mr. Edward Ferrars is rather reserved, and very shy, completely unable to pursue a relationship with the daring Lydia. Therefore, their relationship stays platonic.

#7 However, the Page of Coins, Charlotte Lucas is jealous at the Knight of Coins, Mr Ferrars.

#8 King of Cups, Mr Charles Bingley and the Queen of Coins, Elinor Dashwood have a marriage of convenience. Elinor Dashwood is calculated and unfeeling enough to settle for a man of fortune, such as Mr. Bingley.

#9 The Knight of Swords, Frank Churchill is single and jealous at all the other couples.

This concludes the Valentine Court Card Matching, if you want to leave comments below you are welcome to do so... and please feel free to express who you see as a couple or not.

Valentine Matching of Tarot Court Cards: the Contestants

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Happy Valentine,

I am very enthusiastic about today' s big day of final reveal of the couples in Tarot Court.

Because I did not include all the court contestants I am including below a brief description of the Court cards: knights, queens and king according to the Golden Dawn and Jane Austen Tarot correspondences

Knight of Wands: Henry Tilney of Northanger Abbey
- Air of Fire
- fixed fire, leo

Knight of Cups- John Willoughby of Sense and Sensibility
- Air of Water
fixed water, scorpio

Knight of Swords - Frank Churchill of Emma
- Air of Air
fixed air, aquarius

Knight of Coins - Edward Ferrars of Sense & Sensibility
- Air of Earth
fixed earth, Taurus

Queen of Wands: Elizabeth Bennett of Pride and Prejudice
- Water of Fire
cardinal fire, Aries
Queen of Cups: Jane Bennett of Pride and Prejudice
- Water of Water
cardinal water, Cancer

Queen of Swords: Anne Elliot of Persuasion
-Water of Air
cardinal air, Libra

Queen of Coins: Elinor Dashwood of Sense and Sensibility
- Water of Earth
cardinal earth, Capricorn

King of Wands: Captain Frederick Wentworth of Persuasion
-Fire of Fire
mutable fire, Sagittarius

King of Cups: Charles Bingley of Pride & Prejudice
-Fire of Water
mutable water, Pisces

King of Swords: Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pride & Prejudice
-Fire of Air
mutable air, Gemini

King of Coins: Colonel Brandon of Sense & Sensibility
-Fire of Earth
mutable earth, Virgo

Now, you can read further to the next post where I will reveal inspired by Mary K Greer's and Tom Little's Understanding the Tarot Court book who is coupled with who, and who stays single this Valentine Day.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine Matching - Pages Tarot Court - Part 4

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Welcome again,

in previous posts I wrote about the Pages of Wands, Cups and Swords and now I will present you the fourth Page, the Page of Coins.

4. Page of Coins or Maiden of Coins in Jane Austen Tarot is Charlotte Lucas of Pride and Prejudice.

Charlotte Lucas-  brown hair & brown eyes
                          - sensible & intelligent, but not romantic
                          - not particularly attractive young woman who wants to get married well
                          - pragmatic- physical or financial concerns take precedence over everything
                          - focuses on the solution to work out the problems
                          - can marry better than Mr Collins but she thinks this her only chance to get married
                           with someone wealthy.

Page of CoinsEarth of Earth
                         - perpetual student, apprentice or employee
                         - a new job
                         - a news bringer- good news about a youngster
                                                   - news about money, business or travel connected with work
                                                   - a raise or a promotion at work
                                                   - a small increase in finances
                       - hard working
                       - practical and dependable
                       - trustworthy & responsible

                        As Events/ Situations
                       - news regarding business, plans & physical matters
                       - job offer
                       - new in a position, on the job training
                       - pregnancy or birth
                       - an opportunity to make money: financial opportunity.

                        - education- student
                        - bookkeeper
                        - social worker

                        Reversed meanings
                       - difficulties learning
                       - neurotic attachments
                       -  gambling
                       - bad news: business and financial matters will be slightly disappointing

There will be no further tarot court cards added to the blog, but you can receive those on demand by writing in comments or emailing me directly.
On Valentine day will be the big reveal on this blog who gets coupled with who, and who stays single.

Happy Valentine!
Blessed be...

Valentine Matching- Pages Tarot Court Part 3

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So, far I covered in previous posts Pages of Wands and Cups in parts 1 & 2 of Valentine Matching- Pages Tarot Court. Please go back and read about those if you did not have a chance to do so yet.

In Part 3 I will present the third bachelorette, the Page of Swords or the Maiden of Quills in Jane Austen Tarot.

3. Emma Woodhouse is the Page of Swords in the the Jane Austen Tarot by Diane Wilkies

Page of Swords-  Emma Woodhouse
                         -  young 21 years old
                         - she represents intelligence without experience
                         - bright & quick but not wise
                         - someone who thinks whats best for others, but doesn't even know whats best for                                   herself
                         - must gather all the facts before taking any action
                         - someone who likes to argue/ to debate

                        - Earth of Air
                        - observer, logical, thinker, journal writer, sporty
                        - bringer of news
                        - quick witted, clever, daring, but hasty and careless
                        - espionage, curiosity
                        - study & research, studying something new
                        As events or situation
                       - mental matters
                       - news of trouble or danger
                       - secrets revealed
                       - trouble with law or legal situations
                       - rumors spread

                        - lawyer, soldier, diplomat, spy , pilot, police, firefighter

                        Reversed meaning
                        - an impostor
                        - an illness
                        - speaking & acting without preparation
                        - an intelligent but difficult young person can make life difficult
                        - gossip behind your back, malicious intent
                        - contracts & legal document must be checked carefully