Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Star in tarot- Kamila Shamsie the Princess of our Hearts

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Kamila Shamsie- is the Star in tarot because she is a symbol of  HOPE that doing the right thing is more important than being Rewarded by the Wrong People. She is the princess of people s hearts.

In short Kamila Shamsie is a very talented British Pakistani writer that went to school in Massachusetts at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and is best known for her novel Home Fire . You can read more about her work and biography in Wikipedia.

She has won the Nelly Sachs prize awarded by the City of Dortmund, but it was later withdrawn because of her support of BDS Movement. BDS Movement- stands for The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDSmovement.
This organisation works to end international support for Israel's oppression of Palestinians and is trying to pursue Israel to comply with international law.

Just something to point out, it is no coincidence that Massachusetts is the place of the start of American Revolution  after Britain passed the Massachusetts Government Act in 1774 which outlawed town meetings and appointed royal officials to the Governor’s council. 

Just as BDS is boycotting Jewish products and firms that "fuel"/ finance the war  and stealing of land against Palestinians, Massachusetts patriots once decided to boycott British goods, in response to English oppression.

It is  also NO coincidence that Massachusetts was and still remains the most forward thinking state in the United States.

You can read all about Kamila Shamsie's story published in the Guardian Weekly here.

It is a known fact that awards are given for political/ religious reasons (example: Nelly Sachs Award) and like the Oscars it is just a showcase where Jewish people give each other prizes and they call it international.

I feel this author is almost my twin because: we share almost identical birthdays, we both lived and went to school in Massachusetts and we both took classes at MFA, we both moved to Europe around the same time 2007-2009 and we think and feel the need to support the Weak and the Injustice done to Palestinian people.

This another example that people that share similar or identical birthdays have similar personalities. If you read my other post: Demon Disguised in Twin Flame.

Going back to the Star in tarot message- we should Never give up Hope in our life against all difficulties that arise.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Demon disguised in twin flame

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Hi everyone,

just a short note today -  it is Demon s Birthday...

let me explain...

Aleister Crowley, original name Edward Alexander Crowley, (born October 12, 1875, Royal Leamington Spa, England—died December 1, 1947, Hastings), British occultist, writer, and mountaineer, who was a practitioner of “magick” (as he spelled it) and called himself the Beast 666. He was denounced in his own time for his decadent lifestyle and had few followers.

This is a quote from about Aleister Crowley, who not long ago I used to see very differently. Sometimes I was under the illusion that he was a great man and a great magician, but the more I read about him it turns out that he was possessed by a demon, and he even called himself the Beast 666. Drugs and a very twisted mind turned his personality around into someone that otherwise might have been a great magician.

We live to learn, so I accept this as a learning experience. This revelation made me realized also that I met a demon in my life (with exact same birthday) that had me believe he was a twin flame. Well, now I know for a fact he was just a demon in disguise, not a karmic soulmate. As a beginner student of psychic studies, with no guidance other than my own readings from a somewhat limited library it is was easy to get deceived by occult forces.
Now I see things much clearer, and everything else that followed into my life: the material disaster m(they took my car, my property, everything I owned except few pieces of clothing), the running for my life, the broken arm by the FBI, the tentative of the Jews in US government to lock me into a mental institution, everything makes sense now.
No encounter with a twin flame, no karmic relationship would have had such disastrous effects on my life.

Since I escaped this demon's influence my life turned into better: I am surrounded by people that love me and I love. Life can be normal and is much better when surrounded by people that care about me and understand me.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Justice with 5 of Wands- New York Times Cartoonist

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Today I am going to present a new situation- that of the Portuguese cartoonist from New York Times International.

This man had the bravery and incredible courage to speak the Truth about the role of Israel in USA politics. It is just like that child in  Hans Christian Anderson s story "The Emperor' s New Clothing" that shouted that "the Emperor is Naked!" See picture below of the cartoon:

I personally believe the cartoon is a mild representation of what is going on in the US politics right now. The depiction of Netanyahu as a nice companion/ blind man s dog is just simply too nice to describe the criminal of war he really is.
A much accurate cartoon in my opinion would have been a representation of Netanyahu as a Woolf praying on Palestinian  and Syrian sheep (each sheep holding a flag of the country being prayed on) with Trump as a drunk, blind shepherd.

I challenge if any one with drawing qualities could reproduce my idea. Please post cartoon below in comments or email me directly.

Here is a link to an outstanding political view on Netanyahu's Grab of Land conquest:  The Guardian link.

Trump is anyway a much better option than Clinton option was or now Bernie Sanders is who is just another wolf in "poor man" clothing.

It is amazing what hassle - (five of wands)this poor cartoonist had to go through after showing the Truth/ Justice tarot card. He was wrongfully accused by Jewish propaganda machine of antisemitism. If you speak the Truth, all of sudden you become an anti-smite. This is the world we live in!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Moon- Brenton Tarrant, Jewish Killer of New Zealand

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Hi everyone,

as I said before I strongly believe that reading tarot for profit is morally wrong and fortune telling in general is something that I do not recommend to anyone.  However I believe that reading tarot cards for yourself it is acceptable. It is sort of like smoking, not advisable but you do it anyway. This is why this blog will be mostly about stories and news that allegorically relate to tarot cards. It will be like learning tarot meanings out of real life situations, rather than memorizing meanings from a book.

In March this year everyone easily remembers the "white supremacist" killer from the New Zealand mosque, right? Wrong, because as it turns out the killer was a Jew criminal and not a white supremacist. However, the world wide media did not tell the truth about this mass murder in New Zealand. Why? Because the Media is in the hands of Jews that will distort the news exactly like we see it in the Moon tarot card. In other words, the Media deceives people in order to manipulate the masses and my role here is to inform the people about the Truth that is being hidden for political reasons.

It was really upsetting to see the New Zealand PM hiding the name of the killer, so called out of respect for the Muslim people. I see no one hiding Hitler s name, in order not to make him world known, so why hide this Jew man's name and identity? The only logical reason is because the PM did not want the world to remember this horrific event tied to a Jew.

For those that want to be informed I am attaching an article telling a Truth about what happened in that Mosque in March 2019.
By publishing this post I am removing the Mass Deception about this horrific event and bringing in the Truth to illuminate you.

Ok, this is it for today, and I will be back with more situations that depict tarot cards.

God Bless!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Tarot for Pregnant Women and New Moms- the Empress

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Hi everyone,
but this post is especially for pregnant women and new moms. I have noticed that a lot of  articles have been written in a variety of topics especially in the topics of love and money but not many have been written about tarot and pregnancy. As a matter of fact in the entire tarot we have only one card depicting a preganant woman and that is of course the Empress.

When I was pregnant I spent a lot of hours with tarot for comfort and pampering and I often use it as tool to lessen my anxiety because of all my fears regarding giving birth, choosing the right birth method, choosing my baby' s best birthday and  most suitable name.

The Empress is a card about caring and mothering, planning a family.  When pregnant, women are restricted from a lot of things, especially drinking and smoking, partying and even doing excessive sports. Their whole life is full of questions such as how my baby will look like? will my baby be healthy? will the giving birth be painful or complicated? what name will be best for my child?

Tarot can help and offer valuable answers to all these questions.

My advice is.. do not take any risks while pregnant because the health of your baby is the most important thing.
The incredible thing is that the time you spend with yourself while preganant is the most valuable because it gives you the opportunity to reflect on important decisions you will need to take once the baby will be born.
Tarot can be the best tool for managing and planning your life if used correctly. In the upcoming posts I will be showing you how to reflect with the cards on important decisions regarding your new baby and how to use Tarot for "company" and "friend" for your time alone.

In the image above the Duck Soup's Trick or Tarot Empress card.

Monday, October 15, 2018

New Tarot Book Coming Soon- Page of Wands

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Hello dear tarot readers,

I must confess giving readings is not what excites me about tarot. In fact,giving readings feels more like a job rather than a passion. I also am conflicting about giving readings in the biblical sense, because the Bible teachings  warn against sorcery, so I decided to find a way around it that will give me piece of mind. I believe that reading the future for others, for a profit may be unethical from my point of view.
Therefore, I decided to teach tarot and write about tarot only.

I have noticed a lot of interest in the blog on the post about my writing a tarot book goal. Fortunate enough I am a point where I work 5 hours a day only and I have the rest of the day for myself and for my son s care. So GOOD NEWS: I can work on the tarot book I have been wanting to write for quite some time now.

I will post in this blog a few chapters of my work in progress for feedback.

For starters I will reveal only a few topics of my new coming book:

  • tarot history quick overview
  • goal tarot journal
  • self- tarot readings and spreads
  • how to design your own tarot deck
  • my life in tarot - a short biography
If you have any other topics you may be interested in please communicate those to me and I just might take them into consideration  if they appeal to me.
Page of wands - it is associated with a successful writing career- see Sasha Fenton Tarot

God Blessings, High Priestess